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Thursday, May 15th 2014, 2:01pm

Adding hotspots to a multi-res flat pano


First of all, is it possible to add animated hotspots (animated GIFS?) to multi-res flat panos? See here this pano, and I want to add animated hotspots in place of those Yellow squares -…s-0-and-1).html - The clickable icons would need to link to 360 panos.

Secondly, if animated ones are not possible, can I add static ones? if so is there a tutorial on how to add these?

Many thanks in advance!


Sunday, June 1st 2014, 11:25pm

its pretty simple!

look at the xml code for all the hotspots. there will be a url for the hotspot that is displayed, just replace the text for your choice in gif etc. obviously ensure the gif has the same folder.

If you have lots of animated gifs going on, I could imagine it to be a bit irritating, just decide what you think is best.

As for creating the hotspots, drag and drop your pano onto "create virtual tour" droplet. There is an html file that allows you to edit the hotspots and start-up view etc. Place the hotspots this way. It will ask you to link the hotspot (only to the panos available) In the html file you can edit the xml (don't forget to save) and change the link of the new hotspot to whatever you desire.

If this sounds a bt much perhaps tryout ptp2 made by kolor