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Monday, June 22nd 2009, 3:05am

Laconia Bike Week 2009

A week of motorcycles invaded our area yet again (the oldest motorcycle rally in the country).

A temporary tower is erected in the middle of the street and you have to pay a few bucks to go up there, but it's worth it for this shot :)…-Week-2009.aspx



Monday, June 22nd 2009, 8:55am

Nice shoot point *cool*
Cool pano *thumbup*


Monday, June 22nd 2009, 10:39am

the play button is a great idea and I think this should be on all panos,play is better than full screen button because people understand that image.

great pano would was your camera and setup did you use a nodal ninja and a canon at F8


Monday, June 22nd 2009, 11:04am

Canon 5D Mk II
Sigma 8mm fisheye
Nodal Ninja 5

I shot 2 more from the ground in various places, but each one had a blurred image, which is strange, because that's never happened to me before, and I've been shooting for over 4 years.

I think I bumped the tripod with my foot (it was 1/200th sec, so it shouldn't have blurred from regular use).

Oh well, just remember to relax before shooting, don't rush yourself I guess :)




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Thursday, June 25th 2009, 2:49pm

Hey its you! I saw you in panoguide forums. Did you ever get that Agnos MotorR? I can't find someone who has used it.