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Friday, June 26th 2015, 1:20pm

Embedding without XML?

Hey guys,

Thanks for Krpano. We´re using it with the Videoplayer plugin.

We´re currently using the embed script with Krpano, which lead us to dynamically generate XML files from information already on the site.

There are some things we could not yet figure out how to best do them with the embed script:
- Control via the JS on the page (not inside Krpano) when to play the Video.
- Modify the video play bar with information available in the page (JS Objects)
- Getting rid of the XML file (as all the data is already available on the page)

Is our idea correct that re-writing the embed script would the the thing to do and obviously, we don´t want to re-invent the wheel regarding browser detection - is the source of it available as a starting point?

Cheers from Berlin,

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Friday, June 26th 2015, 5:55pm

You can set the xml during embed to null and then use to load your string based xml.
Then you can do everything you want from;
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