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Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015, 15:27

Open source krpano HTML5 videoplayer plugin


if you are a web developer and want to work directly with the HTML5 video object, e.g. for implementing specific custom solutions or for experimenting with new HTML5 video streaming technologies like DASH or HLS, here is an open-source version of the krpano HTML5 videoplayer plugin.

The plugin itself is reduced and provides only the basic xml and user interfaces, but it shows how the krpano video and plugins internals are working and how to use them. Basically only the HTML5 video object need to be provided to krpano - the plugin manages the video state and krpano displays the video.

For details about the krpano plugin interface itself, see also the plugin interface documentation here:

Download here (at the bottom of the page) the videoplayer plugin source and a full ready-to-use 360-degree pano-video example (including basic WebVR support):

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Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015, 16:48

Great, thanx Klaus !

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