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Friday, March 11th 2016, 4:29pm

[WEBVR] How to start a tour with VR mode already active ?!?

Hello everybody,
anyone knows how I can start a tour (actually I need it on 360 video) with the webVR mode (to use it with cardboard) already active, without any action need it (like pushing\touching any buttons or whatever)?

I know already how to do it by touching a button, as I said, but I would like to start immediately with the mode active.

Is it that possibile, or no way because of touch event?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'm trying to detect the "div" where is the webvr button by JS, I can get it, but than seems like not possible to activate it automatically by click\touch event or something like that...



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Friday, March 11th 2016, 4:43pm

Not possible, you need to touch the screen to go fullscreen (browser limitation)