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Montag, 11. April 2016, 14:07

Finding the ultimate multires settings


I'm trying to find the ultimate multires settings. Meaning I'd like to use the minimum amount of space (MBs) for an acceptable quality. Right now, I've got:


and customimage[mobile].size=1024

On average, the pano's are 6.7 MB, which is a little to much in my opinion.

Do you have any general tips for me? Like removing the mobile images. Or removing the lowest level (512)? Without lowering the general performance of a tour.




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Montag, 11. April 2016, 21:15

Multires settings

Personally I'm not even considering tiles below 1024x1024 anymore. In multi-res pano's with a limited VOF, I'd rather use that bandwidth for quality than resolution.

Even mobile bandwidth nowadays is good enough to load tours starting at 1024 or even 1536 at a higher quality setting. With sensible pre-loading it should not be a problem. Only for gigapixel applications do I consider multi-res something of use.

1024x1024 with a normal VOF is almost enough for retina iPad screens in most of the situations I encounter. but for higher res, I'd just go for the 1 and 2k tiles and assume that most people who carry a device on which this will shine, will also have the bandwidth and latency to download this material. It is, after all 2016.

Groet! Fellow dutchy,