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Sunday, April 17th 2016, 1:10pm

WebVR compatible dropdown menu with thumbnails


I've just stumbled upon this tour, and was amazed by how the floating menu works on WebVR mode, showing a drop down menu with the groups and then depending on the pick showing the thumbnails.…,startInVr:true

I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is something that can be done with krpano and if so what steps would I have to take to create a similar functioning WebVR compatible menu

Any help would be very welcome :)

Thank you.




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Monday, April 18th 2016, 6:26am

The example was done with krpano.
It uses image hotspots for the menu

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Monday, April 18th 2016, 2:01pm

Thank you for your reply :)
I thought image hotspots were static to one location? yet the menu floats and can be opened wherever the user is looking on the 360 view.

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