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Saturday, August 3rd 2013, 12:45pm

Problem: polygon hotspot changing inside out

i have a problem with the definition of big polygonal hotspots. I want to use a polygon with an extent of 251 degree horizontally and 25 degree vertically. this polygon lays on the horizon line (may atv ~ 0).

the only problem is that the inner and outer polygon is the seemingly not clearly defined. in the computer graphics, the inside / ouside of the points is determined using something like the sequence (clockwise, counterclockwise). in the interactive krpano system it may happen, that the actual outer, is assumed to be inside.

here is an example:

if you are looking to the skyline, in almost all cases the polygon is displayed correctly. However, if you look at the glazed turret, the polygon is turned around. Here is the unexpected error.

if someone could help me with this problem, i would be very grateful.

mjdevil has attached the following images:
  • polyprob1.jpg
  • polyprob2.jpg


Thursday, January 12th 2017, 3:54pm

the problem already exists. it seems to me like a bug caused by wrong point sequence.

maybe klaus.krpano could help or fix this?



Friday, January 13th 2017, 8:57am


more than 180° degree coverage is currently not possible for polygonal hotspots.

The reason is that the hotspot sphere coordinates will be projected to screen coordinates during rendering, there is no tesselation or converting to a 3d model before.

But that's already planed for the webgl rendering support - to render the polygonal hotspots via webgl it's internally necessary to tessellate them into triangles (into a 3d model) - and by this also hotspots larger than 180° would become possible.

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