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Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 7:23pm

Too strong saturation in pano-file - how to lower it?


I have made a 100 image panorama, where I had a little too strong saturation.
A 4GB PSB file, sRGB profile

When lowering the saturation, and flattening and saving the file with the reduced saturation.
Making a new multires pano file (dragging the PSB file onto the MULTIRES bat file 1.19, in a NEW folder) does NOT pick up the changes in saturation changes in the updated PSB file!

- WHY ???

I have tried several times, lowering the saturation several degrees, but the result is ALWAYS the same as the first output, which is too saturated.

WHAT is going on?? Where does KRPANO pick up the color information? Obviously not from the PSB file I am using!

The only thing that helped was adjusting away ALL colors making the pano a BW file.
Then the new multires pano file picked up the changes, and made a BW panorama.

But there is no inbetween in degrees of color change, either the original over-saturated image is being generated, or the black/white image.
I have tried cleaning cache in browser firefox, I have tried in other browsers (edge, ie, chrome), and using krpano test-server, nothing helps!

Using Win10x64, all drivers updated.

THis is driving me crazy!! What is going on??

*cursing* *cursing* *cursing* *confused* *confused* *sad* *sad*

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Thursday, April 27th 2017, 12:24pm

Seriously I cannot be the only one who have ever experienced this?

For some reason changes I do in colors on the Photoshop PSB file, is not reflected when I make the pano with the new PSB file.
The result is always the same, no matter how much i desaturate and save, the output pano is for some weird reason the same as the origianl file.
Which means I cannot post this pano.

The only thing that helps is to convert the pano to complete bw, but I do not want to post that, of course.

For testing and speed and convenience, I have downsampled the pano to a format which also fit into a singel JPG file.
When I open that single JPG file in the browser, my changes in saturation is reflected. But when I convert this file to a KRPANO, then it is oversatured, like the original PSB file.

BTW! I the PSB file comes from APG with Adobe98 colorprofile embedded it seem. But I have tried converting to (and insert) sRGB color profile in Photoshop.
Does not help, this weird issue is still present.

There is a serious flaw somewhere here!


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Thursday, April 27th 2017, 1:53pm

Here is a comparison:

To the left file in photoshop with correct colors (sRGB). I then save the file as JPG including sRGB color profile. I then drag the file to make MULTIRESPANO.bat. When I open the pano in firefox, edge or iexplorer, the pano is oversaturated.
When I look at the tile it looks ok, and when I drag the JPEG directly to firefox, the image looks ok. So there seem to be something going on here with how browsers are projecting the pano. The result is the same locally and on the web.
I have tried with latest 1.19 and also with older 1.17 KRPANO.

I am out of ideas, and this is making me insane. ANYONE PLEASE HELP !



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Friday, May 5th 2017, 9:45pm

My best bet is that a tile mapped to a panorama using webgl or css3, triggers hardware acceleration in firefox and chrome. If you disable hardware acceleration in the browser, you should notice the a difference.

According to Klaus in…ad&threadID=905
color profiles as embedded data will be removed, and you'll need to covert the image to the right color profile ( Photoshop, Edit > Convert To Profile )