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Thursday, May 18th 2017, 3:34pm

Tooltip fixed position on rollover

Hi Dear Friends.
I need help with something in PANOTOUR PRO
I need that my hotspots icons showme the tooltip in a fixed position over my icon when i rollover it.
At now, im only capable of showing the tooltip but it follows the cursor while im rollover the icon...
do you understand me?? my english is not very good looking! lol



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Sunday, May 21st 2017, 10:28pm

This is Krpano forum. We can't help you with Pano tour (at least I can't) but can give you directions.
- If toolitps are foloowing mouse that's because someone coded tooltips to behave like that
- if you want other functionality that are not offered by Pano tour then you have to learn on how to do it in Krpano. This is actually pretty simple to be done but if you are begginer maybe not to easy.
In general you need action so align tooltip on hovered hotspot, and toggle it's visibility. I do that with only one tooltip layer changing it's parnet to hotspots that has been hovered, adapting it's text and turn it on.

Using Examplesyou can make it on your own. See 2nd row 1st T has fixed toolip.