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Freitag, 19. Mai 2017, 17:33

SIMPLE IMAGE MENU? (for furniture and finishes options)

Hi All.

I'm a 3d visualiser in London and i'm trying to come up with the best way to simpley hover over a wall (highlight hotspot) and have a sub pop up menu of which the user can choose the colour of the wall. (this would basically be .png image in the correct postion)
I have done some work in Unreal engine RT and VR but the whole UE4 simply is not as accessible as an online link?

I have tried to piece together little bits of code however am conscious that their is a better solution.

Please could someone offer some suggestions? many thanks
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Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017, 22:20

I was experimenting with radial menu - easy customizable. You can see here Link

How it looks on live project you can see here: Link


Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017, 12:50

Wow Umalo!

Big thanks, this is exactly what i was looking for and your live project is amazing. This was what i had in mind so had Rendered the base scene then just planned to render the options as png including shadows. And can see from you Example it works great. :)

When i get back to work i will experiment with this pluggin. Thanks again!


Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017, 12:55

Umalo. I have another question and wonder if you can help. I have seen the tutorial for correctly position a Section of pano. I have tried it and it works great. Would you happen to know the work flow for a correctly positioning a image. In a flat pano?

Many thanks


Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017, 17:17

Setting view is what you ask for, I think. See here: link to Krpano online documentation related to VIEW


Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017, 13:01

Ok thanks, will check it out.


Freitag, 2. Juni 2017, 17:27

Hi Umalo,

I've tried to follow the steps in both the related forum post and this conversation. unfortunately its not quite worked. The code is works but i think the position and size are not correct.

Would be much appreciated if you could provide more info on the solution or point me in the direction of a previous thread/post that has resolved this.

Many thanks


Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017, 20:47

ups seams I dirrected you in wrong direction when advising to explore view settings. As you ask for positioning of image on Flat pano that sounds like making hotspot over flat image pano. As there are no disctorsions I guess it is only up to correct possitioning of image as hotspot. As helper you can explore Krpano package for Examples: \viewer\examples\dragable-hotspots\ Use it with your Flat pano, move to right position and adapt the code for your hotspot. Or I missed the point again?


Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017, 22:16

Hy Umalo, yep thats correct. I will end up with some quite detailed images with multiple image hotspots. I wanted to find out if i could use the ptgui for pixel perfect workflow for flat pano, however your right i will get this working using dragable hotspots first. And tweak get the xml.

Many thanks


Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017, 15:14

Hi Umalo

When i go to the link below I'm just getting a black screen, I've also done a quick search on the forum and online but cant find the plugin anywhere?

Is this plugin or tool available yet? if so please could you point me to the direction of the plugin download and example? either way i would love to start experimenting with it.
I believe could be a real game changer.

Many thanks


Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017, 09:57

Hy Umalo,

Did you receive my email sent to the account you recommended regarding your brilliant radial menu?
Very keen to get going, just send me what you'd consider.

Many thanks



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Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017, 09:36

How is tah done?

I was experimenting with radial menu - easy customizable. You can see here Link

How it looks on live project you can see here: Link
Hi @umalo!

Great work with that Tours.

I realy like the one with the Furniture-Color/Optic settings.
Can you tell me how this is done?
My guess: You did a lot Photoshop and have the whole tour in different versions for each color. Is this right?

Best wishes
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Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017, 09:59

For this project all sphere images are rendered with separate coloring/furniture directly from 3D tools. At the end we have had 1550 different sphere images to process. Special internal sphere/scene naming and handlers are implemented to be able to load appropriate scene based on current coloring setup. Lot of work. Huge project at the end tour has 12 GB in total with such number of small files I can't find cheep hosting solution for. If anyone has proposal where to host please let me know.


Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017, 00:01

Hi Umalo,

I may be of some help with the hosting.

You could keep all the tour xml files on local hosting but all the images up in an Amazon S3 bucket. I had to do that after finding out the new hosting account I used has a 250,000 max inode cap and didn’t help that the Joomla installation for the website running it all has thousands of files just to start. Multi res tiles will destroy that cap in no time at all anyway.

Inodes were new to me so had to start reading up on it all.

Upload the images in multiple zip files using the free version of Cloudberry Explorer and then use an EC2 instance of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base which is Free tier eligible. It's basic specs but enough just to extract zip files. Saves a hell of a lot of ftp time. You can use Cloudberry Explorer again to organise things in the bucket as can have two windows open side by side so just move items back and forth between buckets.

If your new to EC2 (like I was) and need help just get in touch.



Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017, 10:14

Thanks for suggestion. Will explore and in case of questions will address you directly.


Dienstag, 12. September 2017, 18:33

There are just two errors i cant figure out, even when ive editing the code many times.

1. First error is now ive added another radial menu .png loads on start?

2. Second is when i click and load a .png from any radial menu the other radial menu image go invisible?

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Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 11:25

Nice idea the radial menu !
Wouldn't it have been better to have distorted hotspots instead of 1550 scenes ?

This must have been a huge task to render so many combinations, I know somehow it can be much straightforward to just render each combination because of light affectation to other objects, but the combination for 7 spaces is so huge !!

Congrats for the conceptualization of the idea !

What software did you used for rendering the 1550 scenes ? 3dmax ? blender ? how long it took to render that amount of info ? smart virtual tours


Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 14:49

Thanks. Proof of concept was done with distorted hotpots and in some cases where areas were big images files were to big. So it is much much faster to load new scene then images it self.
Spheres were rendered by my customer. I think 3D max was used, so can't give any more details from this side as I am not expert on 3D at all. They found way to optimize process of exports.



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Beruf: creating ideas & coding them

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Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 16:10

Ok, yes for sure it's more efficient to load a whole new scene, and when you have multires images which would make you to have large image for hotspots, it was just about the combinatori they had to render. I guest with a normalized naming for scenes you can manage it very easily to jump from one to the other. I would do it like with states, so an array of scenes and states which would give me the name of the next scene to load, once a new color is picked.

Thanks for sharing that project, didn't see anything that catched the eye for long time ago. smart virtual tours


Freitag, 20. Juli 2018, 05:56

Sorry second sample link dont work.