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Donnerstag, 7. September 2017, 22:12

XML area/line to adjust button size on vtourskin?


Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm new to the krpano world and learning! Need some direction. I was asked to make the buttons larger on the control panel (+ - <>)that are sourced from a vtourskin png file (see attached) and used to control the experience. Is there an area in one of the exported XML files that control the experience to make these globally bigger? I see references to scaling but not sure where to make a change that effects them all and also see where I can make the control bar higher to accommodate. I understand that I'll need to upsize/recreate the png file as well so they are crisp and not fuzzy.

Thanks for any help,
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Sonntag, 10. September 2017, 18:45

Success! For anyone else... settings to make the control bar icon/buttons bigger (under the thumbnails) is under the parent XML file and you can do a find by typing in "scale" and there are general descriptions like "skin_btn_prev" that will help to let you know what you are increasing in size.