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Thursday, September 21st 2017, 2:52pm

Problem with gyro plugin


i have little problem with gyro and gyro2 Plugin

So, i have one Pano in my VT where i have limit view

limitview="range" hlookatmin="-165" hlookatmax="15" vlookatmin="-50" vlookatmax="50"

with PC it works ok

but with gyro, it show whole scene and that's why I turned it (gyro) off in this scene with action - onstart="gyro_disabled();"

I noticed that when i use gyro.js and in this scene i turned it off (gyro)

on iOS works all ok on Android it,s not working (and its normal)

with gyro2.js

(And here is my problem with gyro2.js)

when i switch to gyro2.js
iOs works and Android works but when i started scene where i disabled gyro2.js - plugin is disabled but limit view is "out" and i can see whole scene (when i switch to gyro.js on iOs limitiation works fine)

it,s a bug or i can somthing do with this? *confused*



Tuesday, September 26th 2017, 8:24pm


limiting the view is not supported for gyroscope tracking.

But a partial workaround would be possible - please see here:
vlookatmin / vlookatmax not working with gyro2 before the first loadscene call

Best regards,

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