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Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 9:30pm

Scrollarea plugin - not smooth scrolling thumbs

preview in the
Scrollarea plugin when hovering mouse cursor sharply scrolled in the result of what
to get in the preview that you did not get the first time ... changed
the parameters overscroll, friction, acceleration,returnacceleration, momentum did not produce results ((
thumbs images are still jumping (((

Please tell me what to do?

Current code:
<layer name="left_fon" url="assets/top_fon.png" keep="true" align="lefttop" zorder="10" width="220" height="100%" >

<layer name="thumbs" keep="true" type="container" align="top" width="220" height="100%" bgcolor="0x000000" bgalpha="0.0" y="240" zorder="50">
<layer name="scrollarea" url="plugins/scrollarea.swf" alturl="plugins/scrollarea.js" align="top" width="220" zorder="50" direction="v" keep="true" onhover_autoscrolling="true" overscroll="0.0" acceleration="0.01"
onloaded="if(ismobile, close_gallery(); );"
now_block="1" height="870" >

<layer name="photo_1" onhover="showtext(get(data[scene001].content),text_style_thumbtitle);tween(scale, 0.95,0.1);" onout="tween(scale, 0.9,0.1);" onclick="load_scene(001);" visible="true" url="gallery/1.jpg" align="lefttop" x="15" y="1" scale="0.9" zorder="52" keep="true" />
<layer name="photo_2" onhover="showtext(get(data[scene002].content),text_style_thumbtitle);tween(scale, 0.95,0.1);" onout="tween(scale, 0.9,0.1);" onclick="load_scene(002);" visible="false" url="gallery/1.jpg" align="lefttop" x="15" y="1" scale="0.9" zorder="52" keep="true" />


Friday, September 29th 2017, 3:36pm


when the movement itself is jerky or jumping, then the rendering performance might be the problem.

On what systems and browsers do you have that problem?

Best regards,

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