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Montag, 9. Oktober 2017, 18:14

Gear VR and Oculus Browser: resetsensor not working?

I've started to use Gear VR with my tours, using the native Oculus Browser, and I've found that is really much better than firefox or Chrome Browser in therms of smooter images, no lags, etc.

I've only a problem now on how to give the desidered viewing direction when I enter in VR mode: I have setted the correct direction with my hlookat and vlookat parameters, and all works fine if I use Firefox and Chrome and also in desktop of my pc, but using Oculus Browser all the view direction remain the same of the previous scene (like having keepview activated).

So first question: anyone have found a similar trouble?

In order to resolve, I've tryed to reset the sensor in VR mode.

So I've tryed to add this line in my tour.xml:

onstart="if(webvr AND webvrisenabled, webvr.resetSensor(20,0))"

or also

onstart="if(webvr AND webvrisenabled, webvr.hlookat(22))"

but it seems that both don't work.

Could anyone help me?
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Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 19:52


this will be fixed in the next release:
Gear VR - Oculus Browser / Samsung Internet

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