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Monday, August 31st 2009, 7:43pm

Less restrictive password requirements for this forum!!!!

Please Klaus, sort out this forum so the password restrictions aren't SO paranoid! Upper AND lower case letters, AND numbers, AND 8 characters minimum? Last time I looked this wasn't a banking system!

Seriously, it is the most restrictive forum I know of by a long shot. If my browser ever forgets the details or I need to use a different browser I ALWAYS have to go through the damn annoying "email me a link to a password reset page which emails me a new password so I can reset it" process.

Sheesh! If KRPano wasn't so damn good this alone would tempt me to look to a different Flash pano player.
*cursing* *thumbdown* *sad* *angry*



Wednesday, September 2nd 2009, 10:52am

haha, sorry about this

I hadn't thought that this would be problem, but I think it helps that no spam bots can register or login with a other account (there was no spam since the forum exists)

I have now removed the needing of upper case letters

best regards,

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