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Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018, 16:51

converting panos for print

Hi Forum Members,
Darin Freitag of Synthescape Art Imaging here. Posting first time to the forum and hope I'll find help with this, grateful for any input or direction you can offer.
I’m trying to prepare a pano for print reproduction. The pano can be seen at
I’ll attach a small jpeg to show you the flat file in its current and can provide all the project files upon request.
I’d like to improve the flat file so that the paintings are perfectly square (if possible) and evenly positioned. The biggest flaw currently is that one of the paintings is split in two. I’m not sure whether this can be corrected in photoshop, or if it requires restitching. I’d welcome any advice or direction you could provide. Thanks everybody!
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Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018, 18:06


You can use offset filter in photoshop to adjust your panorama along the horizon so you can fix your painting that is split in 2,

The paintings will not appear square when in equirectangular/cylindrical distortion, like the image you have shared, that cant be fixed but you could change your projection view to pannini/verditismo in ptgui to get a wide view.

Or because your wall is black and you care for print only, you could convert in ptgui or with krpano (cubes) to rectilinear projection, copy the paintings they will be square in this projection then paste into your equi panorama over your current frames. That would give you square frames but could look weird as distortion will still be prevalent in the horizontal wall lines for example, so the wall curve will not run parallel with your square frames.

Good luck !