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Sunday, May 27th 2018, 10:39pm

vtour/filterbasename=false but still truncated

Today I tried to create a vtour with images having periods in it.
I added filterbasename=false to the vtour-normal.config like I did already for the normal.config (thx Klaus for pointing me to that option) and the tile output looked fine.
But when I started the tour, loadscene() crashed because of the truncated name-attributes of the scenes (it took me a while to find the reason ;-) ).

As a consequence I had to change all the scene-names manually which is a little bit odd since the automatic scene-prefixing and everything else beside the scenes name-attribute is correct.

Is there another option counterpart to 'filterbasename' in order to keep the scene-names intact or this a bug?



Friday, June 1st 2018, 10:30pm


sorry, but that sounds strange...
Do you have an example of problematic file names?

Not 'filtering' the names is not a good idea, the valid characters inside 'name' attributes are limited:

and that 'name' is typically only used for internal access, for displaying the 'title' attribute, which is unfiltered, is used.

Optionally you could also edit the xml templates and use [NAME] instead of [BASENAME]:
but I wouldn't recommend that...

Best regards,


Thursday, June 7th 2018, 7:17pm

Hi Klaus,

thanks for answer.

It's a huge tour consisting of single panoramas only, where the '.' could be handled using filterbasename.
All the pano-xml is generated dynamically using a json file with all it's benefits - and it was working fine.

I never paid much attention to the fact that single panos omit the scene-tag etc. - single panos and vtours where always separated and for the latter there is the comfortable tour-editor so that you don't look at the xml-output very often.

Unfortunately I ran into the situation where I wanted to attach a vtour, ignoring the differences in the details ("I can wrap the single <image> tags as scenes on my own - it' easy as pie..." ;-) )
But yeah, you adapt one thing only to face the next problem...

Meanwhile I came to the conclusion that there is no "easy way out" (it should have been in the concept from the beginning), and your answer confirms me that this would be an everlasting source of ugly patchworking and headache.
So the best solution is simply omitting the periods and to re-generate the single-panos to single-scene-vtours so that in the end all pathes, the xml-structure, name-handling etc. is always the same.

It's some work to do, but finally there will be "Ruhe im Karton" :-)

thx :-)