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Thursday, December 20th 2018, 5:06pm

Load tour.xml and data from external url


we are currently exploring several ways to load panoramas inside a mobile app. Downloading and run every panorama locally isn't really an option so we asked our selves: would it be possible to show a panorama from i.e. an AWS S3 bucket.

We have a small HTML-page and the tour.js locally but would like to load the xml and everything else from the S3 bucket. CORS issues aside - we tried to load the XML like with an absolute URL to the S3 bucket but it seems it is trying to load all files (plugin.js etc.) from a relative path.
So we added the skin and the plugin folder also locally and now the panorama is shown but produces a lot of error messages:

/vtour/skin/./vtourskin.png' failed!

and it does not seem to find neither thumb.jpg nor preview.jpg in every panorama.

What can we do about this? the files are there but it seems the "/./' part is not working!


Friday, December 21st 2018, 10:12am

It seems that the problem I'm facing has to do with special characters in the filename. It complains about different files but when I use a different panorama it works just fine - you just have to copy the plugin and skin folder locally for some reasons.