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Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2018, 22:47

Distorted layers

Ten years ago i made virtual tour (in Flash Panorama Player) that used cover flow menu (known from Apple's devices). I'd like to make the same in KRPano. Of course it can be made with distorted hotspots and flying set to 1. But there are 2 problems:

1. hotspots always lie under layers/plugins
2. flying="1" centers hotspots on the screen - there's no way to align such menu at the bottom without perspective changing. Previous versions of KRPano allowed to move such hotspots arbitrarily, without changing the perspective using the x and y attributes. Now we can use only ox,oy or tx,ty,tz but they completely change perspective.


Klaus, do you plan making distorted layers in the future? It could help to build more attractive interfaces.