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Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019, 16:28

Elevator Configurator, can layers be modified? floor, wall, ceiling, keypad, etc. Tour inside.

Tour elevador

I have this tour, if you look inside the elevator floor after accessing it, there is an access point simply to change from one elevator design to another.

Everything is done with 3d studio and corona render.

My intention is to create a different room with several types of lifts, to enter and once inside to be able to change some things in a base.
You can click on any point and you can choose different materials, floor, ceiling, wall, keyboard, etc.

Is there any way to do it or am I dreaming and it is impossible with krpano?

Greetings and many thanks.

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Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019, 16:35

Google translate.

Hola, sí, es posible, pero creo que necesitarás un pano para cada variante. Y eso se puede sumar rápidamente.
También puedes hacerlo con hotspots. Ver aqui:…d&threadID=7272

Hope it helps
Tuur *thumbsup*

ps. Best to post in English!


Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019, 17:46

Google translate.

Hola, sí, es posible, pero creo que necesitarás un pano para cada variante. Y eso se puede sumar rápidamente.
También puedes hacerlo con hotspots. Ver aqui:…d&threadID=7272

Hope it helps
Tuur *thumbsup*

ps. Best to post in English!

Sorry has been an oversight, do not copy well and I do not know why I put the text in Spanish of google translate.

I saw the example that you put before, but I see that the layer is activated by posing the mouse on the selected part.

If you do not mind I will detail a little more in depth what I need to know, my intention is to clear the doubts about this to know if I should continue with it or look for other alternatives.

This is an example for a real project, it is a client that manufactures elevators for different brands of several countries.

I already did some static image rendering work some time ago, but on my own I am investigating the best way to do it so that I can configure with the different options of the catalog.

Configuration mode of the configurator:

Once inside, be able to look at the ground for example and somehow be able to change 2 or 3 types of soil.
So then look to the ceiling and also be able to choose between various types, as well as walls or some other element.
So, based on a render, we can configure the different parts.

I think that if this could be done, I do not have to render thousands of renders, it would only be necessary to render the base of the scene and then separate all the objects separately.
An image equal to 360, but with an alpha where only the part of the piece to change.

In the example that you put me, I do not know if this would be applicable, adding some kind of menu or something, for now I'm just doing virtual tours like this one.

Modular House Tour

For example, here on this tour, it would be interesting to be able to add some of the rooms in some of the rooms.

These are some of the things that I investigate, which could be interesting.

I do not know if this section of the forum is exactly where to ask or maybe an administrator directly, that is able to tell me if all this is possible.

What do you think? How could I solve these doubts? It's something that interests me a lot and I'm a bit lost with all this.

Thank you.


Freitag, 8. Februar 2019, 19:50

Everything is possible but it depends on how experienced and skilled you are to do it. How much time and efforts you can invest in such a project.

One project I did something like that. But instead of having separate PNG files for each part of the image you want to change I decided to have separate complete scenes (exported sphere images) per each set of elements. Having many elements if you have more options would make your tour load to long and being very heavy. Loading new scene if fast and elegant but you need to develop special handlers to control what set is currently active and what is next scene to load.
Don't have online project anymore but this is one of the first demo videos I made (before GUI was created) so you can get feeling:



Samstag, 9. Februar 2019, 01:18

Todo es posible, pero depende de cuánta experiencia y habilidad tengas para hacerlo. Cuánto tiempo y esfuerzo se puede invertir en un proyecto de este tipo.

En un proyecto hice algo así. Pero en el lugar de tener archivos PNG se separan para cada parte de la imagen. Tener muchos elementos si tiene más opciones. Cargar nueva escena si es rápido y elegante.
Ya no tengo proyectos en línea, pero este es uno de los primeros videos de demostración que hice para que puedas sentir:


Hello, thank you very much for answering.

Could we have contact in private? I have a project in process for a client and I'm going to do the whole catalog in 3d + web + online catalog and I want to be able to develop this as an online configurator where I load several interior environments and options of materials and colors in each scene.
For this I had thought to render separate objects and load them as an alpha image, so I would not have to make a huge amount of images.

The video that you have put I saw him doing a little research, I also saw that you had used a plugin for the radial menu and I was wondering if that menu is just a menu or has some other option, if that plugin is the functionality to load in the scene the alphas or how is it done.

Send me a private message if we can talk on Skype or in a somewhat more direct way.

Greetings and thanks.


Samstag, 9. Februar 2019, 20:30

You have PM with my details.