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Wednesday, September 16th 2009, 6:37pm

Automate tiling

Hello everybody!

Now we using Autopano Giga + Autopano tour. Tour - for tile panoram file and create complete folder with tiles and swf-file.

But panorams are too much in process and I want to more automate this process. I mean - using php-script.

Is it possible: copy krpano-tools and run kmakemultires.exe from php like external command?
Is my tiles will be correct shown in swf?

And different mind: Do I really need tiling? Or krpano-xml-settings, like (getting from example):

Source code

<image type="SPHERE" multires="true" multiresthreshold="0" tilesize="1024" baseindex="1">		<level tiledimagewidth="2048" tiledimageheight="1024" details="0" download="auto" decode="auto">			<sphere url="panos/hafen/1k/hafen1k_%0V%0U.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="4096" tiledimageheight="2048" details="0" download="auto" decode="auto">			<sphere url="panos/hafen/2k/hafen2k_%0V%0U.jpg" />		</level>

...means, that I prepare only total jpg file and tiles are making on-line?

Best regards, Alexey


Friday, September 18th 2009, 9:47am

I found tools for Linux (Linux-ver archive file in download topic hide behind MAC ), so answer are not actual yet :)

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