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Tuesday, April 9th 2019, 2:53am

layer visible question

thank you for reading my question.

i need your understanding about my pool english *smile* *smile*

question about the layer

i want to make subNavi01 disappear if subNavi01 appears when onhover in mainNavi01, when it is onout in a direction other than subNavi01.

what should i do if i want subNavi01 to keep appear continuously when i am onhover from mainNavi01 to subNavi01?

The code disappears before it is turned on from mainNavi01 to subNavi01.

this is code.

<layer name="mainNavi01" url="img/floor.png" crop="0|40|66|40" onhover="set(layer[subNavi01].visible, true); set(layer[mainNavi01].crop, 0|40|66|400" onout="set(layer[subNavi01].visible, false); set(layer[mainNavi01].crop, 0|0|66|400" type="image" keep="true" visible="true" align="righttop" x="198" y="0""1"/>

<layer name="subNavi01" type="container" keep="true" visible="false" align="top" width="100%" height="40" x="0" y="40" bgcolor="0x999999" onhover="set(layer[subNavi01].visible, true);" bgalpha="1" />

best regards. *smile*

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