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Thursday, April 4th 2019, 5:27pm


Exactly one year since the last update. ;-)

I know I know *wacko*
But the next release is already very near! ;-)


Friday, April 5th 2019, 12:59pm

Great !
As I say to my son when he doesn't want to walk anymore, "we have never been so closed of the arrival" !
Hoping to download new version very soon, I'm sure there will be good surprises :)


Friday, April 26th 2019, 11:25am

Hi Klaus,

any updates about the upcoming update/version?

Best wishes,


Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 1:46am

local test-server tool with HTTPS??

Hi Klaus ..

would be possible to get HTTPS working in test server for testing VR-Mode on iOs12.2.

i have stopped using Xampp for krpano development since you made your test server available, and I was quite happy with it.
Setting up Apache with SSL seems to be a pain in the ass ..




Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 11:44am


sorry, but setting up HTTPS for internal IP-address is almost impossible...
I have already spend a lot of time in research on that topic but that the moment I think there is no easy and affordable solution.

If someone knows a solution for that topic, just let me and I will try implementing it.

Best regards,


Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 1:38pm

I agree with Klaus, I can't see any easy way to achieve that.

The only 'simple' way would be to install Apache but I understand it's not what you want to do as it's not a solution based on krpano's test-server. Configuring Apache for https is not as difficult as it seems and is very well documented, but I agree that it's some work anyway and that it's more work than simple http.
Have a nice day :)


Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 11:13pm


the 'HTTPS' setup itself wouldn't be that difficult part, the way more problematic part is getting a certificate for the IP address that the browser of the end-device would accept as secure...

And that problem would be the same for every server tool...

Here more details and very well explained:

Best regards,


Thursday, May 9th 2019, 5:06pm

I remember configuring Apache https on localhost few years ago and I'm sure it's possible (not too difficult for what I remember). I don't remember if I had to add an exception in firefox but perhaps it was the case. I don"t know for other browsers but firefox allows exceptions for the certificates. That's why I was telling that the only "easy" solution seemed to be to work with apache.
Anyway I think working on allowing https on the test server would probably be a waste of time and would probably be difficult, I'm sure we all prefer Klaus to work on the next release ^^
For people who would really need to work https krpano on localhost I suggest to install apache ;)
Sorry for my english, I hope it's understable.
Have a nice day !

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Friday, May 10th 2019, 1:56pm


There is a nice github project to solve that :)


It creates a local root authority and then allows you to create custom certs for whatever domain / ip you want.
Works like a charm *smile*


Friday, May 10th 2019, 4:03pm


thanks for the hint about mkcert - it requires some manual work and skipping browser warnings but generally it works!

That means with some browser/device specific tutorials it should be a good useable solution - at least for developers ;-).

So for the next release I will add the possibility for specifying a pem file for the krpano Testing Server tools for HTTPS usage.

And for later versions I will try to make the whole process a bit easier, e.g. like starting in http, offering there the (previously added) certificate key for download/install plus some instructions and then switch/redirect to https or so...

Best regards,