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Saturday, May 11th 2019, 7:32am

Julesburg L3.6 Meteorite Thin Section Microphotograph krpano 3.2 Gigapixel Panorama

Link to the Julesburg Meteorite thin section krpano panorama, from this link the entire gallery can be navigated with the krpano combo box expandable selection. Julesburg is an L3.6 type meteorite (an ordinary chondrite with low iron abundance) found in Julesburg, Colorado in 1983.

I have been displaying my photomicrographs online via krpano for more than three years. I host gigapixel panoramas of meteorite thin sections and meteorite slices. View my profile for more information.

These objects are precious and literally arrived from other worlds. Many of them were formed before the Earth itself. They represent the oldest known preserved minerals - information preserved since the formation of the Solar System.

What better way to view these remarkable images of these objects than with krpano?