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Thursday, May 16th 2019, 9:02pm

Help needed updating Flash pano to HTML5

I hope someone can help me to correctly update this particular Flash based pano to the HTML5/WebGl player.
I have successfully updated several panos, but this one is a problem to me. It contains some video which is what is probably causing the trouble.
Here are links to the panoramas, the html5 doe not show the video overlay, any advice gratefully received, I am not good with code. *confused*
The Video in the flash version takes time to fully load, please be patient.
1) flash version:-

2) HTML5 version:-



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Saturday, May 18th 2019, 7:04pm

Hi Jeff, nice to hear you after a lot of time!
So, after some tests (on Mac) with different browsers I got that with Firefox I was able to see both, html5 and flash regularly.
In Safari I see the html5, but flash returns : ERROR: hotspot[video1] loading error: %SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.js
In Chrome both ok.
Maybe you resolved the problem last days...

Little advice: if you update the swf, you should update all plugins too.

BTW nice video & pano

Cheers, Toni