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Monday, May 20th 2019, 12:46pm

keycode when log open


i just found that when the logkey is open and i press D and then S (or H or L and some more..) i get some, it seems, not documented behaviour.
S for enter vr
H to green border all hotspots
L to green border all layers.

I understand this has something to do with the debug mode.
For me this is unwanted though.

I searched a bit but didn't see any docs or posts about this.
Can i disable this behaviour?
I like to use those keystrokes for something else, also when log is open.

EDIT: it seems setting logkey to false this behaviour is gone..
I think it would be better to connect it to de debugmode being false, instead of the logkey.
That would be more intuitive i think and better for using keycodes and logkey.
Is that possible?

Tuur *thumbsup*

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