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Monday, June 24th 2019, 10:27am

Auto transition between panoramas with dissolve

Hi All,

We capture and present update images of large construction sites with 360's displayed within the KR Pano viewer. Our client has asked for the content to be somewhat of a Timelapse so instead of creating a video and having all the associated intense data requirements of that is there a way I can make a scene that transitions between a set list of 360's that will be aligned to one another and have them dissolved between each other at a set interval? That way I can have my usual set of scenes but add a button that links to the 'Timelapse Scene' if the viewer decides to check that out (probably won't be very relevant until there are quite a few images to use)

Any and all help is appreciated :)



Scott Witte


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Wednesday, July 10th 2019, 8:45pm

I do this with idletime and/or an explicit timer. If done with idletime then any interaction with the pano, such as moving with the mouse, will start the timer over as soon as you let go of the mouse. You can get fancy, for instance on mousedown the timer gets paused and on mouse up just restart it, but if less than 5 seconds remain set the remaining time to 5 seconds.