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Monday, July 22nd 2019, 7:25pm

image as plugin

I am trying to learn with the trial version.
I see you can "insert" an image in a pano by way of a layer (url="image").
I am wondering if it is possible to do that by a file.js, like the one shown in the plugin interface example (i.e. url="file.js" in the xml layer).

Thank you for any help.




Monday, July 22nd 2019, 10:07pm

a krpano layer element is the same as a krpano plugin element

<layer url="mybutton.jpg" /> would be an image layer
<plugin url="myplugin.js" /> would be a js plugin

as described here, it does not matter if you write plugin or layer

a js plugin example is here
(this is may not be something to start with, when using krpano)

of course you can insert layers from a js plugin:
var mylayer = krpano.layer.getItem('mylayer');
mylayer.url = 'mybutton.jpg';


Tuesday, July 23rd 2019, 12:32am

Thank you for explaination.
I was just trying to insert a floorplan in a pano.
I can do that using an image layer (url="myfloorplan.jpg").

I tried also to use a plugin (url="myplugin.js"). I used the plugin example at
trying to modify: dropping the action and other stuff not related, I presume, with the insertion of the image.
I used: document.createElement("img") and document.innerHTML.........
but nothing happens.
Maybe the above is a nonsense ...
Thank you for any hints.