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Friday, September 20th 2019, 6:57pm

How to change the parameters of the styles for virtual controllers ?

Hi all,

For VR mode in VR headsets with controllers (like Oculus Quest), how to change the parameters of the styles for virtual controllers ?
To change things like the white target point that becomes green when it hits a hotspot. This point is always visible with handcursor or light + target styles. It seems it's depth is something like 1000 units when not hovering a hotspot. How to change this depth default value ? Also how to change color or shape of this target point ? I think it's in the webvr.xml file but I don't know how to do.


Saturday, September 21st 2019, 10:43am

I found a message from Klaus that is somewhat related to this, here are some quotes :
Therefore in the new webvr.xml the vr_cursor has a depth of 120 (=120cm) by default. That's looks better in VR and is typically in front of the 3d-model (instead of somewhere behind it, which looks bad when actually behind but still rendered above).
With the vr-controllers it is similar, the 'point' is either rendered at the depth of the hotspot or at depth=1000 by default (defined in the webvr.xml in the 'vrcontroller_target_point' action). But with vr-controllers you need to image an line from the controller to that point.

I found this part in the file but don't know how to modify the code to change the depth default value of the target point (to make it other than 1000).
I want to put it nearer to the point of view because in standard stereoscopic panos (non-depthmap) at 10 meters the point will often appear behind walls or objects, which is a problem. If it is at around 1 meter it is enough to make it like a pointer and it will rarely cross objects. And it will still jump to any hotspot depth when the virtual line will cross one.
Someone knows how to do ?


Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 2:08pm

Ok for the depth of the target point I found the solution, actually it is very simple but I didn't see it at first.
It is just in this line in the webvr.xml file:
calc(distance, ( AND GT 0 ? : 1000));