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Wednesday, December 4th 2019, 7:46pm

How to change the VR image settings in 1.20 version

I updated my krpano version recently to 1.20 version. At first, everything is ok. But the problem is that the VR image in my glasses looks too “distorted”. Let explain it with an image:

In the first screenshot, you can see what I got with 1.19 version. The vertical lines near the border look a little “curved” and the image fills the mobile screen. I liked it as it looked good with my glasses (Google cardboard type + 5.2” Android mobile phone).

In the second screenshot, this is what I get with 1.20 version. The image doesn’t fill the screen (I suppose it’s not important) but the vertical lines look too much curved, and I can see with my glasses this lines also curved, as they should look straight.

The question is, how can I configure my new krpano version in order to show the VR more similar to the old version? I searched in the documentation, but I can’t find where I can configure and modify the VR aspect.

I know that now you can configure the look of the image with the new “Interactive Adjustment in VR option” but I find it complicated and I’d like to set these variables in advance and for all my projects.

frangarcia has attached the following images:
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