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Tuesday, December 3rd 2019, 10:52am

STL file exported from Blender doesn't show correctly

Hi guys!

I'm having some trouble while using depthmap with blender. The STL file exported from Blender is inverted so I tried to correct it by set the scale of the depthmap equal "-1.0", but that made the whole scene inverted, which can easily correct by flipping the image. After all, the depthmap still doesn't match correctly with the scene.

Below is a simple scene of a room with a singe box in the corner.
This is the URL to download the demo scene. The file is heavy (>600KB) so I cannot add it as an attachment:!Au3cARgGkempgQWseY-seeymDgT0?e=gfOlKh
Please help! Thanks a lot!
aperture147 has attached the following image:
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Thursday, December 5th 2019, 6:59am

Try this:
Blender export STL: Scale=100 (!)
Cameraposition is origin and must be at 0/0/0

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