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Thursday, December 12th 2019, 8:33am

Re-tile an image for Panotour Users

Hello again

As i was, looking / searching / asking / sending PM's without any answer in this forum how to re-tile a lost (project) pano and i am still waiting for an answer/help,
i found one solution, personally not me but a friend of mine. So i would like to share the solution with you. I ((dont know)) if there is a clear answer to that, i never found it or i never found an easy clear solution to that.

So am sharing here for the Panotour Users:

If you have lost the original 360 pano but you have it online then:

1. Create a new directory so you can download the folders
2. Login to server and find your project
3. inside your project, choose the folder you want to re-tile and download it to your new directory
4. inside the folder that you have just download, search for folder name (tablet)
5. You have 6 tiles inside. remane the tiles to (pano_f - pano_b - pano_l - pano_r - pano_u - pano_d)
You know the (_f)front tile, (_b)back tile, (l_)left tile, (_r)right tile (_u)up and (_d)down tiles
6. Now that you have rename all 6 tiles, drag and drop them in krpano (convert tool)
7. i think you are done. You have your 360 pano (if not, i cannot help you here sorry)
8. Open it in photoshop and resize it

Thats it, thats the solution that i have to say for Panotour Users