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Thursday, January 30th 2020, 3:57pm

zFilter 2 - WebGL Postprocessing Plugin

This is the zFilter 2 - WebGL Postprocessing Plugin Thread

zFilter is a postpocessing WebGL shader plugin for dynamic effects on your panorama image,
layers and hotspots. It allows you to add visual effects for startup intros, scene changes,
information popups, etc. Setting or tweening simple attributes adjusts the brightness,
saturation or blurs your panorama, layers or hotpots!

zFilter 2 Release :
filter support for layers and hotspots !
a fast gaussian blur shader fblur (fastblur) !
new fun shaders swirl, pixelate, ripple and split !
support for krpano 1.20 order and phase !
improved editor and new live examples
more features and lower price :) !

more infos below in this thread or on the plugin page :

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Thursday, January 30th 2020, 6:32pm

Sounds great !
Are you sending update to old customers ?


Friday, January 31st 2020, 9:34am

Hi Jerome,

Yes, all existing customer will get the update for free.

I did a last check now and when the documentation is online,
i'll send out the new builds.

and maybe to explain the main updates in zfilter 2 :

- the new fblur shader performs much faster and works great in low performance situations
- the layer / hotspot filters allow for example blurring simply like set(layer[xyz].blur, 10);
- the support for kprano 1.20 phase allows to blur the pano, but not the hotspots
- the support for kprano 1.20 order and a new internal order allow new looks by order changes
- and ofc those fun shaders work great for transitions or intro effects

best, index

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Friday, January 31st 2020, 2:15pm

Great, thanks!
Best regards,
Igor Socha



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Saturday, February 1st 2020, 9:38am

Bring it on!

Tuur *thumbsup*


Sunday, February 2nd 2020, 10:01am

ok the updated plugin page is online now, thanks Klaus !

for existing and possible new users, please check out the new documentation
there are a lot of new live examples where you can play around,
and explore the abilities and performance of zfilter.

of course i'm always happy for feedback,
or if you have questions, you can post them here in the plugin thread.

also, if you have some nice, finished tours using zfilter, please post your links :)

best, index

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Sunday, February 2nd 2020, 10:26am

to existing users :

I will try to send all updates out to the existing users today.
if you didnt receive anything until tonight, please check your spam folders.
specifically gmail ignores / spam filters anything that mentions a zip file !

and lastly as info :
you should not need to change your tours to update,
everything works the same, the new features are all additional.

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