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Wednesday, February 5th 2020, 1:54pm

WebVR problems

Dear friends, I hope for your help:
to build my virtual tours I use Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.14 (krpano 1.19-pr15 WebVR Plugin (build 2018-03-16) & krpano 1.19-pr15 Gyro2 Plugin (build 2018-03-16)), when viewing a tour from mobile devices (Chrome 79.0.3945.136, Android 9.0) I have problems: "VR mode is unavailable on your device". And when I use OCULUS RIFT(Mozilla Firefox) the panorama zoom is displayed incorrectly and the settings are not available.

Maybe someone faced already with similar??



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Wednesday, February 5th 2020, 4:45pm

does your virtual tour is on a server with https support?
you have to open the virtual tour with https.


Wednesday, February 5th 2020, 9:17pm


update the krpano files - either manually by replacing the files or by using the Update Tool.

And additionally make sure to use HTTPS - newer browser versions are requiring this for gyro/vr support.

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