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Friday, February 28th 2020, 1:03pm

Inconsistent North Facing Tiles When Processing Ricoh Theta Panos

Hello -

I'm working on a mapping project that requires my panos to be aligned with proper north. I shot all theta panos facing north using a compass.

My expectation is that all processed theta panos would have a "pano_f.jpg" cube face pointing north. After processing all my panos, some pano_f.jpg are facing north, but many are not.

If I remove exif data from the theta panos with incorrect cube tiles showing proper north and re-process, the "pano_f.jpg" are correct and point north.

Could it be that certain meta data in the theta panos files are causing the issue, since processing non theta panos
and theta panos without exif data properly outputs "pano_f.jpg" properly.

Thank you.



Friday, February 28th 2020, 2:42pm

It seems that Theta 360 camera adds this attribute to the meta data of their panos: -xmp:PoseHeadingDegrees

Each of my theta panos had a different value for -xmp:PoseHeadingDegrees, which is why I think I was getting the inconsistent tile heading orientation. I'm not sure how the theta 360 camera was deterring the value of PoseHeadingDegrees. Also, I noticed that krpano processed the tiles differently when I tested using krpano v. 1.19 and krpano 1.20. Again, I noticed some inconsistencies.

My fix (for my project) was to use the Exif Fixed app and manually set -xmp:PoseHeadingDegrees=0 for each one of my theta panos. They, I re-processed the panos. Since I shot the panos facing north, this solution worked for me.


Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 6:23pm


a quick note - there was a bug in 1.20 version with processing the Ricoh heading information. That will be fixed in 1.20.5.

Best regards,

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