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Friday, April 17th 2020, 8:57am

Hi SpinStudios,


I cant find where the actions " SKript" is called in any of the example files. Is this built in to the encrypted files?

Yes, this is build into an encrypted file. But i think i understand why you want to change it.
If you want to run another timeline you can call: RunMovingHotspots(2);
The number here calls the timeline to run and the parameters that belong to it:
-keyframes (timeline xml)
-trackinhhotspot (the hotspot)
- ignore alpha
- ignore scale
- ignore rotation
... and some

Don't forget also to call the ClearTimelines action to stop a timeline. This happens automatically on scene change but i suppose you play with the 'crop' thing.

If you don't manage what you want, please let me know in PM and then we can go from there.
I 'll think about and test the whole thing to see if it is needed to get this out of the encryption in an update.

Tuur *thumbsup*