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Tuesday, May 12th 2020, 6:15pm

How to delate in Context Menu "About the Krpano Viewer"

Hello there!

Im really a noob and i already google and looked to Forum but didnt find a Way to desable the Item: "About the Krpano Viewer"

This is my Code

<!-- context menu -->

<contextmenu versioninfo="false" fullscreen="false">

<item name="ws1" caption="WEBSITE - " onclick="openurl('...', _blank)" />
<item name="ws2" caption="WEBSITE - " onclick="openurl('...', _blank)" />
<item name="ws3" caption="FACEBOOK - " onclick="openurl('...', _blank)" />

<item name="nv" caption="Normal View" onclick="skin_view_normal();" showif="view.vlookatrange == 180" separator="true" />
<item name="lp" caption="Little Planet View" onclick="skin_view_littleplanet();" showif="view.vlookatrange == 180" devices="flash|webgl" />


And how it lookes like is in the Image

I really dont know how to delate this.

I have the Branding free License and Debug mode os false

Thanks for help :)
360 Kat has attached the following image:
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