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Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 12:10pm

Using display.customFullscreenElement

Is there any example available how to use display.customFullscreenElement? The documentation doesn't provide info about the type of the attribute. Maybe it's just my lack of understanding how to use it, but any help would be appreciated.
My goal is that when the user clicks/taps the fullscreen button, some certain HTML elements (which live under the same wrapper as KrPano) would be visible.


Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 12:26pm


this example is using customFullscreenElement - see in the sync.xml:

That variable can point to a custom html element that should be used as 'container' when entering the fullscreen mode.

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Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 12:44pm

Awesome. Thanks for such a quick reply.