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Sunday, May 31st 2020, 9:38pm

Load pano error in v1.20.7?


I'm experiencing a black-flash when a new scene/pano loads with v1.20.7.
This does not happen with v1.20.5. I have not tested with 1.20.6.

The following links are to the exact same code set except for the KRP versions, to demonstrate the issue.

Steps to replicate:
  • Go to URL
  • Click on the blue "I Drive" hotspot
  • Pan left to the "Wonder Works" hotspot, and click it.

KRPano v 1.20.5 "good"

KRPano v 1.20.7 "bad"

Or click any hotspot, really.

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Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, 4:01am

Your consolse appear to reporting some syntax errors, probably an unterminated semi-colon or loop that has exploded past it's desired code. A lotta weird stuff can happen when a loop doesn't terminate properly on the code you want.
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Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, 6:49pm


thanks for the reporting!

Yes, there are some syntax errors, but they shouldn't be related to this behavior.

I think it's a side effect of this change:


Fix: The loading state reported by the loadstate variable was wrong when using cubestrip or single-resolution sphere panos.
That might interferer with the loading state for video-panos and so the blending starts in the wrong moment (before the video is actually ready).

I will check that in detail and fix it for the next release.

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