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Thursday, July 2nd 2020, 12:11pm

Hotspot cursor_onover and cursor_onout for non webvr view

Is there an easy way to work out whether the centre point of the view (non webvr mode) is hovering over a hotspot or not..?

I have noticed this older thread on the forum with a wokaround to a full hit test. In my use case there can be a LOT of hotspots and it could very inefficient to loop through all of them on every frame as the thread suggests.…obile#post60578

Since then the webvr.js plugin is now exposing a the cursor_onout and cursor_onover actions which is essentially performing the hit test.
Is there a way to access this hit testing without entering webvr mode, or using the webvr plugin?

I want to be able to enable/disable a fixed user interface button for mobile users when the centre point of the screen is hovering over a hotspot.


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