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Thursday, June 18th 2020, 12:53pm

Need features and Bugs - feature: ID number for frames and lines !

Hi, I hope you are fine. I would like to share with you the shortcomings I have seen over time. and I ask for help for problems I need some help with. I do not want crowds by opening more than one topic. thank you.

First Feature: Can you add ID number for frames. colors alone do nothing.

I marked it roughly in the sample image. Mause on hover: It can be very useful to see the ID number of the line / frame by pressing a key such as ALT, SHIFT on the keyboard.


best regards

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 11:29pm

Stair Treads ! - help

I'm stuck on a step. I used the same tripot height in all scenes. I managed to position 1 lower and 1 upper scene to the right place. There is no problem with the hotspots of the same aligned scenes while going through the scenes below. but if I go up again: the positions of all the other scenes except for the 1st scene are deteriorating. I can not solve.


thanks. best regards


Sunday, June 28th 2020, 9:15pm

invisible lines. - BUG

this mistake is ruining me. I can't fix the lines I can't see. I have to start the whole project from scratch. all reference points. all 3d illustrations. too many mistakes are enough. it's not a cheap program. Please add other developers to the team.


Monday, June 29th 2020, 10:06pm

Nothing I marked in the photo is not working.
hi, Nothing I marked in the photo is not working.

I prepared a project with 170 scenes. Difficulty exhausted me. I started from scratch many times. After being published, the menu does not work. arrows are not working. why? Isn't it active after rendering? All of the problems I face now bother me a lot.

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Wednesday, July 1st 2020, 6:16pm

I can't import a new scene. not working. the page does not respond.

hello developer.
I imported the project I created with krpano Vtour with everpano. When converting from Raw to jpg, I realized that 1 scene was missing. but I finished the project. I tried putting the scene into the project with codes in everpano, but I failed. I originally imported the Spherical panoramic image (jpg) into the EVERPANO program. I gave references. and I got a render from scratch. The program works healthy in preview. works healthy in the program. However, it does not work under any circumstances after rendering.

I use google translate. Sorry for the translation errors.


Sunday, July 12th 2020, 12:01pm

You sell a product, but there is no after-sales support!



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Friday, July 31st 2020, 1:54pm

I am very sharing this informations too.

Probably best way is to create a new post for each case.

1°/ Add ID number for frames. is very great idea !
With 2 or 3 cubic rooms program could be an answer.
But with a complete house, and complex or small interiors the only colors are difficult to work with.
This is an very great idea, very helpfull and improve productivity, less time and more easy to work. *thumbsup*

Please add it asap. *squint*
2°/ Stair
How can we work with different levels when there are stairs. I meet same problem too.

3°/ - Can't work witt invisible lines.
Not sure to understand about your problem.
But I met a problem with lines a created in the scene A, and the scene B don't display me all of my vertical lines.

4°/ Nothing I marked in the photo is not working.
During two or three projects i met this same problem, impossible to click on it.
After closed my webbrowser and the testingserver.exe and re-launch testingserver.exe i had access to the different scenes.
Could be a way for you too ?
5°/ Can't import a new scene.
This is a know problem we have the information (officialy).

With small project it's doesn't matter. With big project it's a big disaster.
But if this problem could be solved it will be great.

Jordy, E3 is great idea.
But I share the impression/feeling of alicanyildiz.
Have to consolid for Windows, first step. And try your beta on Windows first.
With 1.20Kr + Navigator plugin + E3 this is not a low cost software.
Program can't stay a one-man software.
We need a true after-sales support.
For this moments I spend a lot of time trying to make it work :
. I can't recommand it
. Projects I promised to my customers (from dec.2019) are still waiting and all of them will be closed soon because of problems and spend time to work on it.
Today I am seriously taking a look about MatterP. *confused*

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