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Friday, October 16th 2020, 10:46am

Gallery for stereo 3D photos?

I make many 3D photos and like to share it.
Facebook 3D is great, but it doesn't support gallery and i like to embed my photos inside a 360 panorama from an event.
For example all of the photos are real 3D here , but i can only share it in boring 2D.

I already have the 2D +depthmap file. Any plugin available for this function?
So i like to look around a little (left-right, up-down) with the mouse movement.

You know, not everybody has a 3dtv/projector...


Tuesday, October 27th 2020, 7:34am

So not possible (yet)?
On my Quest2 stereo hotspots works wonderful, but i like to show my 3d pictures to "regular" people too *cool*


Wednesday, October 28th 2020, 2:19pm


currently only spherical panos are supported for depthmap usage,
but I agree that also flat/2d images with depthmaps could be interesting.

Is added as feature-request.

Best regards,


Wednesday, October 28th 2020, 6:30pm

Many thanks!! *rolleyes*

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