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Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 1:48pm

Change of map depending on the panorama position

Hi to all forum members,

This is my first post on this forum. I have done a lot of things for my first virtual tour and there is one issue left I can't handle it. I have the building and severtal panorama stations outside and inside. For example pan 1,2,3 are outside and pan 4,5,6 are inside the building. I need to have diffrent map (png format with mapspots) for outside and inside stations. When I have panorama no. 1 open, map A is displayed (pan 1-3). When I go to panorama no. 4, current map changes to map B (pan 4-6).

How can I do something like this? Is some plugin or ready solution to run?

Thank you for any advice or support me in this case.

Best regards,


Thursday, January 14th 2021, 2:14pm

Ok. I've found the solution. I have created two layers for "skin_map_image" and set visible as "false"for these layers. Next, I used "action" option for scenes:

Source code

<action name="mapspotvisible">set(layer[skin_map_image].visible, false);set(layer[skin_map_image_1].visible, true);</action>

Source code

Finally, it worked.