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Saturday, June 12th 2021, 10:11am

krpano iphone safari problem with scrolling

I developed a website using, and I'm using krpano for the 360view section. everything works fine except the scrolling function on safari on iPhone.
for example, if you take a look at this page using Safari on iPhone, despite the fact that pano covers 80% of the page you should still be able to scroll down on the header or click on the green arrow icon.
when you try to scroll or press the arrow button browser starts scrolling but it gets back to top again, as like it sticking to top.
i embedded the plugin like this:

<div id="pano-container" style="width:100%;direction:ltr;border-bottom: 5px solid #32404c;background-color: #32404c;">
<div id="pano" style="width:100%;height:100%;">
<noscript><table style="width:100%;height:100%;"><tr style="vertical-align:middle;"><td><div style="text-align:center;">ERROR:<br /><br />Javascript not activated<br /><br /></div></td></tr></table></noscript>
embedpano({ swf: "../../content/pano/tour.swf", xml: "@ViewData["tourlXML"]", id: 'pano1', target: "pano", html5: "auto", mobilescale: 1.0 });