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Monday, June 21st 2021, 10:20am

onstart scene invoke function

I whant to invoke function onstart in one of multiple scence, but it not working.

If I make something like this its working fine:
<scene name="scene_3" title="3" onstart="set(plugin[radar].heading, 0);"...

But how to invoke javascript interface function?
I tryed many things:
<scene name="scene_3" title="3" onstart="startup2();"...
<action name="startup2">

or something like this:
<scene name="scene_3" title="3" onstart="startup2(90);"...
<action name="startup2" args="de">
And I didnt get the argument value...

Please help! )

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Monday, June 21st 2021, 7:38pm

use js(alert(%1)) or jscall().
Or next code:
<action name="..." type="Javascript"><![CDATA[
Javascript code


Tuesday, June 22nd 2021, 9:47am

Thank you! This is work for me.
<action name="startup2" autorun="">

But how can I pass arguments with type="Javascript" way?
<scene name="scene_698_nw" title="698 nw" onstart="startup2('scene_3');"...
<action name="startup2" type="Javascript" autorun="">

I tryed wirth args="scene" - not working too.

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