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Wednesday, December 7th 2022, 12:16pm

Bug report: control.usercontrol all/off is not working in cardboard VR

How to recreate bug:
1. Enter VR mode
2. trigger by the hotspot => control.usercontrol = false
3. trigger by the hotspot => control.usercontrol = all
4. Exit VR mode
5. BUG: control.usercontrol still "false"


Friday, December 9th 2022, 10:52am


there is a special behavior of the WebVR plugin here:
- when entering the VR mode, the state of several settings will be stored and changed to specific ones needed for the VR control
- so also the control.usercontroll setting, it's state will be saved and it will be set to 'off'
- when exiting the VR mode, the originally stored state will be restored

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