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Monday, December 12th 2022, 10:22pm

Droplets for ver 1.20

I have been using ver 1.17.4 on Mac OS Catalina. I have a nice work flow where I use the available droplets: MAKE OBJECT, MAKE PANO (MULTIRES), MAKE PANO (NORMAL), MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES), and MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL).

My new Mac runs OS Monterey and I need krpano ver 1.20 for it, I believe. I downloaded and installed ver 1.20, but my problem is that all the above droplets do not appear to be available, only MAKE VTOUR and Convert SPHERE CUBE.

MAKE PANO (NORMAL) in particular was very useful for me. Is there any way to get it back in ver 1.20?

Thank you.


Monday, December 12th 2022, 11:11pm

first, you should never use old krpano versions because
your tours wont work properly on modern phones!
there have been many changes in the last years,
specially on iOS. 1.17 is like 100? years old? ;-)
even 1.20 is pretty old... the newest version is 1.21

then... the droplets have been removed, but those configs still exist.
just open the krpano, go to the first tab (Make VTour),
select the config on the bottom left and then drop your images on the window



Tuesday, December 13th 2022, 8:15pm

Thank you. My bad for not noticing this. I am happy to report that the .17 and .20 versions run on modern phones.


Tuesday, December 13th 2022, 9:03pm

I am happy to report that the .17 and .20 versions run on modern phones.