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Friday, December 9th 2022, 12:09pm

krpano video not showing on new web host

Can you guys help. Uploaded 360 video to Siteground and I get the following error: -

youtube-player/youtubeplayer.xml - loading failed! (403)

You can see the error when clicking the following link: -

Can someone please tell me what has gone wrong as these same files worked fine for the last 2 years on my previous host bluehost.


Friday, December 9th 2022, 1:18pm

Your host is returning error 403 when trying to access the file.
You most likely created the directory with the incorrect permissions for the webserver to read files in it.



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Friday, December 9th 2022, 10:21pm

I noticed that when you click on the image link (on the gaming squad website) to view inside of the van 360 the url goes to

Note that there's two // just before 360tour

Would that make any difference?


Wednesday, December 14th 2022, 12:33pm

Thanks guys was a permissions error all sorted now.


Wednesday, December 14th 2022, 1:43pm

*thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup*
And nice tour *g* *g*