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Friday, March 10th 2023, 8:46pm

3D Annotations preview

Further improving on the earlier preview, I have made a new demo for you guys.

You have 4 models to test out the annotations. Let me know what you think *thumbdown* *thumbup*

And don't forget to try out the annotations editor too!

Some features of the annotations:
- inline editor
- point and click to add, drag them around the model to position, change the view...
- each annotation can have an onclick assigned (this is how the integrated web page is dynamically changed)
- mouse controls to drag/zoom using shift/ctrl
- save to file or clipboard

If you need a full webpage to have a better look at the annotation editor use this link:

I'll be adding minor tweeks and updates over the weekend, there is still so much to do
- mobile testing
- move to prev/next annotation navigator
- autoplay
- ??? << your suggestion here

edit: final plugin is here:

Have a nice weekend.

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Saturday, March 11th 2023, 5:12am

*thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup*


Saturday, March 11th 2023, 12:51pm

*thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *w00t*


Tuesday, March 14th 2023, 11:08am

Very well done! *thumbsup*